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Sougata P.

Setup guide for Neo4j graph database – Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Graph is everywhere. We are surrounded by different types of graphs starting from social media, banking application, financial applications and lots more. e.g. In LinkedIn, we used to get a connection tree which shows us how we know the other people in the network, that’s nothing but an awesome application of graph.

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Recurrent Neural Network
Shallow Neural Network
Sougata P.

How to convert a pre-trained Glove vector into Word2Vec format

We often need to convert pre-trained Glove Vectors into Word2Vec embedding format so that it can bee feed to any larger neural network e.g. LSTM, GRU, etc.

Here we will explain, how to convert pre-trained Glove vectors into Word2Vec format using Gensim implementation for the Word2Vec algorithm.

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  • Convolutional Neural Network
  • Sentiment classification
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  • Pre-Trained Glove Vectors
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