Month: January 2021

MongoDB v/s DocumentDB
Architecture Design
Smitha Crystal

Pros & Cons of MongoDB 4.x vs DocumentDB 4.x

MongoDB is a document database with the scalability and flexibility that you want with the querying and indexing that you need. MongoDB’s document model is simple for developers to learn and use, while still providing all the capabilities needed to meet the most complex requirements at any scale. They provide drivers for 10+ languages, and the community has built dozens more.

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Architecture Design
Team Techunits

Introduction to HTTP/2

HTTP/2 works very similarly from the client perspective. We can still make GET requests, POST requests etc, and also we are still using a single TCP connection. But here we ended up using this single TCP connection, very efficiently. The client in this scenario , shoves as many requests at the same time into this pipe .This is called multiplexing.

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Protocol Buffers
Architecture Design
Team Techunits

Introduction to Protocol Buffers

A proto file is a schema definition about your messages and your structured data. This proto file will need to be converted to X language file. Google has built a compiler called protoC, to this you will need to feed it, what language you want the output to be, and it will output that equivalent language. If you give javascript, the protoC will give you a javascript equivalent file, in case you give it a python, it will give you a python file with the same schema. That is why it is language neutral.

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